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Welcome to inTend Botanicals, where each all-natural product is created with the intention to nourish and uplift body, mind, and spirit. I have created and used these products myself over the past few years, and each time I use them feels like an intentional moment where I get to feel beautiful while tending to my body and soul. Now I get to share them with you! 

Why now? Because now--more than ever--you are worth tending to. Because taking a moment for self-care is vital in a time that feels staggeringly overwhelming. Because the skin you're in matters. Because your mental health matters. Because taking a moment to nourish your body while inhaling aromas that relax you creates a daily ritual to ground and soothe you. 

inTend Botanicals. Because you are worth tending to.

Limited Edition Seasonal Sense Sprays

These specially blended 4 oz. scents are created to add an extra layer of sensuality and ritual to the seasons in the Wheel of the Year. 

*Available only through Oct. 31, 2021!
Quantities limited.* 

Imbolc: jasmine, chamomile, rosemary. Sweet and nourishing like honey while purifying and cleansing your energy. New year, new space within and without. Just right.

Ostara: grapefruit, jasmine, orange, cedarwood, geranium. Earthy, herbal, awakening. The perfect spring welcome as the world transforms. 

Beltane: lilac, rosemary, peppermint. A breath of fresh air in a world stale with fear and anxiety. Perfect for refreshing your space and loving up on your energy! 

Litha: orange, chamomile, clary sage, basil, peppermint. Balanced, cooling refreshment in an overheated world. Just right for clearing whirling, heated thoughts and taking a breath.

Lammas: rose, rosemary, vetiver, cardamom. Sweet, spicy, sassy, and earthy. Feels like a grounding yet energizing hug exactly when you need it. 




The Classics

inTend Cuticle and Nail Care. Tend to your hard-working fingertips and toes with 0.5 oz of fortifying apricot kernel oil, soothing jojoba oil, and moisturizing Vitamin E. Lightly fragranced with ylang-ylang to provide a blissful moment of stress relief as you gently massage it in.

inTend Facial Oil. Tend to your beautiful face with 1 oz of a luxurious blend of protective carrot seed oil, collagen-boosting rosehip oil, cystic acne-fighting grapeseed oil, soothing jojoba oil, and moisturizing Vitamin E. Two scent options available.

Scent No. 01: frankincense, rose, and bergamot to uplift and relax.

Scent No. 02: sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense, and bergamot to soothe and rest.

Scent Preference

inTend Total Indulgence Body Oil. Tend to your skin with 4 oz of an indulgent blend of fortifying apricot kernel oil, acne fighting-grapeseed oil, moisturizing Vitamin E, collagen-boosting rosehip oil, pain-relieving kukui nut oil, and soothing jojoba oil. Two intoxicating scent blends available.

Scent No. 03: vanilla, lavender, rose, bergamot, frankincense, geranium, and sandalwood.

Scent No. 04: cedarwood, black pepper, sandalwood, frankincense, vetiver, bergamot, vanilla, and clary sage.

Scent Preference

inTend Sense Sprays. Tend to your senses--and your space--with a spritz from 4 oz intentionally-blended aromatherapy sprays. Choose from:

"Deep Breath" (pine, lavender, eucalyptus)
"Balanced" (cedarwood, grapefruit, geranium)
"Calm" (lavender, chamomile, vetiver, sandalwood)
"Peaceful" (orange, bergamot, lavender, vanilla)
"Grounded" (lavender, clary sage, vanilla, cedarwood, patchouli)
"At Ease" (bergamot, orange, lime, patchouli, vanilla)

Scent Preference

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