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Reiki Sessions

Reiki means "universal life energy," and a reiki session is a gentle and effective, non-invasive bio-energetic healing practice from Japan. It is closely aligned with chakra energy, releasing energy blocks in the mind, body, and spirit. A session may be in-person or virtual, and leaves you feeling calm, refreshed, and potentially free of pain. Many hospitals, such as Duke, the Mayo Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, offer reiki therapy to their patients to relieve distress and pain.
Consistent reiki therapy is recommended for optimal energetic balance. (I do it daily on myself!) Sessions, either in-person or virtual, are one hour. 

One-hour sessions: $65 each, or bundle and save! 4 for $250

Personal Yoga Sessions

Not sure where to start with a yoga practice? Recovering from an illness or injury? Or wanting to go deeper--into a pose or sets of poses, a meditation, a kind of breathwork? Schedule a personal yoga session or a set of sessions to help you access what YOU need.

One-hour sessions: $45 each, or bundle and save! 4 for $170

Group Yoga Sessions

Do you own a company and want to treat your employees to a group yoga class? Are you a bride looking for a healthy yoga glow with your bridesmaids before the wedding? Are your lifting buddies looking for a way to pamper and stretch sore muscles? Does your running group need an option for off days? Group sessions are a great way to bond with yourself, your  family, and your friends and/or co-workers while strengthening and stretching. (Giggles are just fine if you're new to it all!)

One-hour group sessions start at $55

Individualized Restorative Sessions 

Everyone, no matter their fitness regime, needs restorative sessions to replenish their nervous system and heal their body. Gift yourself the time to rest and be taken care of. Restorative yoga sessions consist of just a few gentle, anxiety and pain-relieving poses held for longer periods of time, all while you enjoy the feeling of being held and supported by lots of blankets, bolsters, and other props. Your nervous system gets to relax, and your body and mind get to be nourished. These one-hour sessions may be accompanied by energy work, crystal therapy, essential oils, sound therapy, and hands-on assists, according to your preferences and needs. 

One-hour sessions: $65 each, or bundle and save! 4 for $250
extra time add-on: + $15

Ritual Flows 

Are you marking the end of something in your life? The beginning of something? Creating a ritual to celebrate or mark a pivotal point in your life can be deeply healing and affirming. Add a bit of intention to your life memories by hosting a ritual flow: a yoga flow sprinkled with scent, ritual, mantra, and anything else that speaks to your soul. Available for individuals, families, or groups.  Contact me for details, and we'll create the perfect ritual to commemorate your life moment. 

Pricing starts at $75/individual; $155/group 

Chakra Coaching

Uncover your inner power and radiance via the chakra system, the energy system that corresponds to various psychological beliefs and physical issues. Personalized coaching may include yoga, lifestyle and habit realignment, discussion, pranayama (breath work), and meditation, as well as other endeavors. If you are ready to go deep and do the work to emerge as your True Self, this coaching system is for you! At least 8 sessions are recommended for optimal results. 

The Grounding (2-hour intro session with chakra overview and brief guidance through each chakra): $110
The Power (1.25-hour session with single-chakra focus): $65
The Aura (8 1.25-hour sessions with single-chakra focus each): $505 (savings of $15)

Wedding Officiation

 I am pleased to offer wedding and elopement officiation beginning summer 2021. Because ritual, ceremony, community, and love are important. I will tailor your ceremony with ritual, detail, and vows that are meaningful to your relationship for a memorable day to cherish. Ask about day-of yoga as an add-on. 

Starts at $150 and includes consultation and two hours the day of the ceremony

Please email to schedule your services!