"Sankalpa" is Sanskrit for "sacred intention." A sankalpa is current, truthful, rooted deep in the essence of one's being. Immediate life goals may change with life seasons, but sankalpa runs through these changes as the essence of who one is. Sankalpa offers you a sense of trust and peace through life's turbulent times, and a guiding light at life's crossroads--whether the big decisions, or the everyday habits. 

Hey there! I'm Bekah, a yoga and meditation instructor and Usui Reiki Okuden (level two) practitioner in Madison, WI. The guidance I offer on the mat and off is meant to help you discover, accept, love, and live your own deepest essence: your sankalpa. I believe that each person has something of value to offer the world, and part of my life purpose is to hold space for you to relax into your value and worthiness.

The yoga flows, meditations, and rituals I offer 

help relieve back, hip, and mental suffering and pain

increase your strength and flexibility--of body and mind

provide practical tools for you to use to interact with yourself and others with kindness

offer you permission to rest, heal, and connect with your worthiness

are playful, honest, and open to dialogue

integrate beauty into both celebrations and the everyday

invite you into community with others

Sankalpa Life exists to empower you to live your particular energy and life purpose with joy and peaceful intuition. Why? Because the world needs your power and beauty. Because you have the power to heal, to implement change, to bring peace. Because until you unlock your power and believe in it, nothing will change.

What People are Saying...

"Taking yoga or meditation with Bekah always calms & clears my mind" - Paul

"Her sincere demeanor and witty personality always make for an amazing experience. Every class is different, and Bekah leaves so many opportunities for growth." - Whitney

"Your meditations were life saving; they made me take a look at myself in a gentle way." - Jillian

"Each time I leave class with a deeper understanding of how I'm feeling that day. It's like she gives you a giant, warm hug. She carefully curates the movements and holds space for each yogi to explore with the group, or on their own.I also find myself smiling and often laughing out loud throughout her class. Her witty banter and sense of humor shine thru into her classes, reminding me not to take myself so seriously." - Anne

"A wonderful, insightful, and gentle practice focusing on the breath, body, mind, and soul...truly lingers and resonates throughout the rest of your day." - MM

Ready to unlock your power? Contact me to inquire about services!

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Bekah Gant is an E-RYT200, with over 300 hours of yoga and meditation training and over 2,000 hours of teaching experience. She is also an Usui Reiki Okuden (level two) practitioner. Her classes and reiki sessions offer people permission to ease into friendship with their own bodies, minds, and spirits, with a view toward the greater universal good; and she delights in giving participants a beautiful, affirming, and energy-balancing experience. The ritual celebrations she offers expand upon the class themes, bringing people into loving community with shared experience and sense-enlivening ritual and celebration of the seasons of life. She can be found teaching group classes in Madison, WI, at various Madison-area parks when the weather is accommodating, and at Radiant Lotus Yoga & Wellness in Waunakee, WI.